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GLADIATOR hitman services covers the entire Europe and Middle East, it has been in the business of contract killing since 2016. During the past years, I helped thousands of my customers achieve their goals in respect of the annihilation of opponents and irritants. I would be very happy to add you to my ever-growing customer list.

I take jobs from different parts of the world. I am always willing to travel to locations where slayers are nonexistent. I am extremely professional in my dealings and try my best to keep to contractual terms. I am always available online; therefore I will assign you the available and most convenient service according to your location and target situation. In addition I can meet all clients who ask, putting my personal risk to confirm confidence; any meeting wil be in a location that I choose.

I am available 24/24 via email or xmpp chat address.


The mode of execution for killing will be as the choice of customers. Depending on the target situation.
I can provide a live video streaming while in execution mode or I can demonstrate the completion of the mission by filming the victim and broadcasting the news stations for the incident.

How to use my services

Once you have decided on the service to use send a mail describing your intentions and location to I would then weigh the logistics and give you the exact price. I usually get back to clients within 24 hours. Once logistics and pricing are certified, I would give you a bitcoin wallet to pay 20% of the quoted price. I would then proceed with the task and upon completion I would give proper evidence after which the remaining 80% is paid into a different bitcoin wallet for security reasons.


Contacts will be using email/jabber listed below.
Explain in general terms, without identifying info, the target kind (age, gender, profession, family, social group/class, urban area or countryside). Also, I need to know if the person is guarded and any other difficulty. I will meet you in a public place like Public garden or cafe.
Don’t provide any details about you, so you can preserve your anonymity.

I only accept hit from people who are serious and willing to follow my terms and condition, all you just have to do is give me what I need and I make proper survey on the victim and carry out your operation clean and clear to your satisfaction.


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